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Post Office Merchandise Return


If you need to return merchandise to Comfort House, please generate a mailing label by completing the following form.

Your Name
State & (5 digit) ZIP Code
Your E-mail Address
Your Order Number
This number was e-mailed to you when you ordered.
Your RMA Number
This number was e-mailed to you when your return was approved.
Date Order Received
We accept returns up to 30 days after delivery.
Items Being Returned
Qty. Item Describe Condition & Packaging
If item is not resalable, please describe why.
Reason For Return
Action Requested
If your return is for replacement or exchange, do you authorize us to process and charge you for a replacement order now (recommended method) and then credit you when your return has been processed, or do you wish to wait until we have processed your return and then send a replacement?
I authorize you to process and charge me for a replacement or exchange order now.
I wish to wait until after you have processed my return for a replacement or exchange.
This return is not for replacement or exchange.
Return Package Weight lbs., oz.
Please enter your best estimate.
Return Package Value $ .

Follow these steps to finish the job:

  1. Get the label by clicking on the button below.
    Allow 90 seconds for label to appear on screen.
  2. Print the label on your inkjet or laser printer
  3. Attach the label to your package.
  4. Take the package to any United States Post Office.
  5. Keep the receipt given to you by the Post Office.

You will also receive a copy of the label via email.
If you have any difficulty in printing the label from this page,
please print the copy that you receive via email.

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